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Kevin Reed's

Trash  Kat Drum Series


Patent Number 7547836


Urban Drums Built with Corrugated Shells



trash Kat Series Drum Badge


Sounds like: Timpani, Gong Drum, Floor Tom, Surdo, Thunder Drum, Pulse Keeper

Trash Kat 20" Timp Tom

Original 20-inch Timp-Tom

Adrian Young of No Doubt Reviews the Trash Kat Drum...

To fully appreciate the sound quality of the Trash Kat, it is recommended that you use high-quality audio monitoring system that includes a subwoofer.


Listen to the Trash Kat 20" Timp-Tom Sound Clip by Eric Darken,  CMA Award Winner...

To fully appreciate the sound quality of the Trash Kat, it is recommended that you use high-quality audio monitoring system that includes a subwoofer.


Andy Korn demonstrates the 20" Trash Kat Timp-Tom in Laying a studio groove...

Click Here for Drummer Cafe's Video Review of Trash Kat
20" Timp-Tom

Trash Kat 18" Floor Tom

18-inch Floor Tom 



Steve Gryb

Steve Gryb

Steve at First Night 2014 Celebrations in Canfield, Ohio

The Pied Piper of Percussion plays across North America to children of all ages when not gigging on his jazz guitar.  Steve Gryb has received many awards in the past 30 years as educator and performer.  Based in Florida, we are thrilled to have Steve endorse our Trash Kat Drums. 


Ingo tours the world constantly offering the ultimate in tech support to the likes of Living Colour and Danzig.  And he is a proud supporter of the Trash Kat as well!

Ingo and TK

Carmine Appice

The rock legend sent us a picture of the Trash Kat used in his performances in SLAMM!

Carmine Appice with Trash Kat drum


Adrian Young and No Doubt

Adrian Young and No Doubt promoted their album, Settle Down on the Jimmy Fallon Show on July 26th and Good Morning America on July 27th WITH THREE TRASH KAT drums!! Woo Hoo!!!

Click Here to link to the No Doubt website for more information

No Doubt with Trash Kat drum

No Doubt on Good Morning America with Trash Kat drums!
(Photo courtesy of Nina Young)


Robert J. Damm, PhD


Never too young to start!

Three year old Cami rocks out!

 Cami with Trash Kat



Trash Kat
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Sound Studio Comparison

Trash Kat frequency distribution

This Trash Kat Timp-Tom frequency analysis (click to enlarge) depicts a complex, bi-modal (two distinct peaks) distribution of sound, as compared to a simpler mapping of a major competitor's sound (below).

Tama frequency distribution

Tests were conducted in a sound studio utilizing an Earthworks TC30k microphone placed 65" horizontal from each drum and 73" off the floor.


Trash Kat Nation:

Adrian Young (No Doubt)

Andy Korn (Ronettes)

Brian MacLeod (Composer)

Baldwin  Wallace University (Music Therapy)

Carmine Appice (Rock Legend)

Chris Rubio (Stomp)

Cleveland Music School Settlement (Music Therapy)

Eric Darken (ACM Winner)

Dame Evelyn Glennie (PAS Hall of Fame)

Gregg Potter (Emmy Winner)

Hannah Ford (Prince)

Hubert Neri (Guitar Shorty)

John Mahon (Elton John Band)

Paul Ristau (Timpanist - Fox Valley Symphony)

Recycled Percussion (Las Vegas)

Rex Bacon (Music Therapist)

Prof. Robert Damm (Mississippi State U)

Rodger Carter (Rick Springfield)

Steve Gryb (Pied Piper of Percussion)

Street Drum Corps (Los Angeles, CA)

Tom Fries (Touring Musician)

Will Calhoun (Living Colour)

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